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Top 10 Franchising Trends For 2011

Franchising has a very bright future, according to Entrepreneur Magazine. In fact, the latest data from the U.S. Census Bureau indicates that in 2007, franchises comprised 10.5 percent of all businesses with paid employees and accumulated an astounding $1.3 trillion in annual sales. With franchising forecast to continue this prosperity, attention is focused on which industries to watch in 2011 and the top 10 have been carefully compiled. The following categories kept going and growing strong throughout the recession and appear to be gaining momentum as we ease into the recovery.

Take a closer look at the top 10 industries considered to be on the franchise fast-track, in no particular order…

Fitness – More and more people are putting their money toward fitness and a growing number of franchises have discovered that workouts can work to their benefit

Child Care – Parents have packed schedules, creating a need for child care programs that are enriching, educational and expedient

Pets – In 2010, consumers spent an estimated $47.7 billion on their pets, and this ever-increasing trend makes pet care a favored franchise

Spa Services – People like to be pampered and franchises offering an affordable indulgence are enjoying the spoils

Senior Care – It’s no coincidence that the world’s fastest-growing population is one of the fastest-growing franchise industries

Sandwiches – People are hungry for sandwiches and franchises are catering to this craving for fast, convenient and affordable hand-held meals

Moving & Storage – Many people postponed a move during the recession, but the impending recovery will place moving and storage in greater demand

Tutoring – As school gets more competitive and parents have less time, tutoring will be the answer for many

Health Services – Healthcare is a hot topic and numerous franchises are doing well by helping people stay well

Green – Today, going green offers benefits that are both eco-centric and economical, with franchises promoting saving the planet as well as saving money

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