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Tasti D-Lite Enjoys Sweet Success With Social Media

Over the last few years, Tasti D-Lite has achieved an enormous following by aggressively using social media as part of its marketing. Now, the popular frozen treat company’s latest campaign positions the brand as a symbol of light and healthy living. A highlight of the campaign is the TastiRewards loyalty program, which recently expanded to enable consumers to connect to it through their social networks. In March, the company launched its Tasti Healthy Habit Search, which is a yearlong contest to find people who have improved their lifestyle habits and made Tasti D-Lite a replacement for more fattening treats.

AdAge recently interviewed CMO Bill Zinke who discussed the campaign and emphasized the importance of social media as a way to build brand loyalty and customer relationships.

After Tasti D-Lite launched a New Year's campaign with the theme, "Start a Tasti habit," the campaign evolved into how to expand that mindset throughout the year. The company realized that there were many success stories showing that if people make smart choices and included Tasti D-Lite in their lifestyles, they were able to lose weight.

“We took the theme and created the Healthy Habit Search,” says Mr. Zinke. “We're in the process of selecting our April winner and then packaging up that marketing campaign and then rolling it out. It has been the perfect balance of developing organically, by us listening to our customers, and strategic, in terms of what we want to tell the world about our brand.”

The stories are coming straight from the consumer, which allows them to speak for brand. The company believes that this is more powerful than traditional messaging and enables consumers to connect with the brand on an emotional level. This also helps to define the brand and let consumers explain that it is not ice cream or frozen yogurt, but in a completely different category by itself.

“It also furthers the education,” he said. “We don't just talk about being a healthier brand, we're being incorporated into people’s lives to help them live healthier.”

Mr. Zinke strongly believes that the Internet and social media have forever changed the marketing of consumer brands. “I've come to appreciate how vital this is short term and long term in staying relevant with consumers, building strong customer relationships and enhancing brand loyalty.”

After integrating social media into their marketing strategies, Tasti D-Lite won social-media/technology-innovation awards for the TastiRewards loyalty program and has been recognized as a pioneer within the quick-service restaurant industry.

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