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Search Tops Social For Finding Local Business Information

A new survey from the Pew Internet & American Life Foundation revealed that search engines and the Internet are the principal sources used to find local business information. The survey also showed that a substantial number of people still rely on conventional newspapers for this information, while an extremely small amount use social media for these purposes. SearchEngineLand .com reported on these fascinating findings.

This recent survey consisted of a telephone poll of 1,000 U.S. adults in January 2011.

According to the results, the Internet was the top choice for tracking down information about local businesses. The survey revealed that 36 percent of respondents sought this local information on search engines, while 16 percent relied on specialty Web sites and a shocking 1 percent depended on social media. Traditional media also experienced heavy reliance as a source of local business data, with 30 percent of people polled using newspapers, 22 percent listening to word of mouth, 8 percent turning to TV and 5 percent choosing radio.

The Internet reigned for locating information about local bars, restaurants and clubs. In fact, 38 percent of respondents relied on search engines, 17 percent depended on specialty Web sites and a mere 3 percent sought out social media. Respondents also turned to traditional media for this dining data, with 31 percent looking in newspapers, 23 percent taking word of mouth and 8 percent using TV as their source.

While search engines were expected to be leading sources of local business information, two findings were completely unpredicted. First, that social media would be so insignificant in the world of local business search. Second, that 47 percent of respondents had relied on their mobile devices for gathering local news and information.

This showed the explosive popularity of mobile devices for search on the local level. It also exposed that social media has yet to receive the widespread acceptance that the Internet, search engines and conventional media have attained when it comes to matters of local business search.

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