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Romney Backs Business at IFA 2011 Annual Convention

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney declared himself a friend to the nation’s business community at the IFA’s 51st Annual Convention in Las Vegas last week, reported The Boston Globe. This gesture ingratiated him with attendees and distinguished him from other potential 2012 election opponents including President Obama.

Romney served as keynote speaker at the IFA convention, where thousands of franchisers, franchisees and franchise support companies gathered to discuss issues facing the franchise industry. Romney strongly expressed his support to the small business owners who drive much of the country’s economic growth. He addressed his past as a venture capitalist and aligned himself with the business owners’ workplace values.

“I respect American business, and people who start businesses that are small and grow to be large are people that I salute,’’ he said, continuing on about his concerns with politicians who don’t know anything about the free-enterprise system or the economy, and are subsequently smothering the spirit of enterprise and innovation.

While Romney decided against seeking a second gubernatorial term in 2006 to make an ultimately unsuccessful presidential run in 2008, he is expected to launch a second presidential campaign in the spring. He declined to address his intentions at the Convention, yet explained his view on the differences between business and government.

Private sector is far less forgiving than government work, he said, expressing that when government makes a mistake they simply pass it on to the taxpayers or the next generation. He explained that small business owners know that if they make a mistake, they either go out of business, lose their job or lose other people’s jobs. He summed it up by saying, “That’s why the best and brightest are in your world, and not in the government world.’’

Romney also asserted that government doesn’t understand the power of incentives, which was a welcome view from small business owners hoping for more pro-business incentives from Washington.

With Romney’s headlining role at the IFA convention and the buzz surrounding his presidential aspirations, Romney may be positioning himself as the candidate who takes care of business.

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