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Reasons For The Rise Of Western Fast Food Brands In China

While fast food is hardly considered health food in the Western world, the Chinese trust that Western fast food brands offer healthier and safer choices than their own uncertain food supply and that these foreign brands won't cut corners in the production process. These beliefs have contributed to the enormous popularity of Western brands like Kentucky Fried Chicken throughout China, and uncovered how the country’s concern for food safety is driving them straight to Western drive-thrus.

The topic of product safely is a primary concern of the Chinese as they witness a growing number of food companies being temporarily or permanently shut down by the government for lack of quality control. As a result, more and more Chinese food producers are being accused of dishonest or unsavory food production practices. These claims, regardless of their validity, can devastate a company’s business and ruin their good names

While Chinese food producers scramble to salvage their reputations, Western fast food brands are being welcome with open arms as they satisfy the country’s craving for convenient, delicious food with a halo of health. Now, many Western fast food brands are experiencing their strongest success in China as they provide the enormous population with the healthier alternatives they crave.


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