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Rewards And Risks Of Selling Your Franchise Concept

When Hawaii’s David Lelm turned his independent body shop into a Maaco franchise, he quickly discovered the benefits and challenges of being part of a franchise family. recently featured his views on this personal and professional transition.

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IFA Campaign For Capital Access Making Strides

Since access to capital is the greatest challenge facing franchise growth and job creation, the International Franchise Association (IFA) developed an ongoing campaign to persuade Congress to ease and expedite credit access to the small business community. Fortunately, it appears that the IFA’s message is beginning to resonate with political leaders and media influencers in Washington, D.C.

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Going Green Is Going Great For One McDonald’s Franchisee

Environmental responsibility is catching on quickly with quick-service restaurants as many franchises are eagerly incorporating green elements into their operations. reports that one McDonald’s franchise owner in Riverside, California is making his golden arches green in an attempt to become the fourth franchise in the country to receive LEED certification.

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Leverage Local To Market Your Business

Sometimes you’ve got to think small to grow big, which is the idea behind local marketing. Today, many entrepreneurs are looking local and reaching out to their communities to build their businesses. offers six simple strategies for getting your franchise on the local map from small business owners Kimberley Rudd  and Richard Ueberfluss, as well as marketing executive Linda Duke.

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Infographic: Franchising in America

Synonymous with the enterprising American spirit, franchising’s phenomenal growth is a testament to the power of personal ambition. Franchising can be a richly rewarding pursuit, but it’s vital to understand the inner workings of—and outside influences on—this innovative industry. Franchising in America, an informative infographic developed by MDG Advertising, illustrates the road to economic recovery, spots the top trends and keys to new growth, charts the common challenges franchising faces today, and adds insight for the future.

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Deciding Who Controls A Franchise’s Social Media

While quick-service chains realize the importance of establishing a social networking presence, a recent report showed that consumers don’t feel valued by brands through social media. Social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter allow consumers to express their love for a brand, but don’t always engage users and foster a sense of connection. recently offered ideas on how franchises can create a more valuable customer experience by maintaining control over their social media communications.

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Infographic: Uncover The Real Dirt On Public Restrooms


Public restrooms are a necessary evil, but Coverall, one of the world’s leading commercial-cleaning franchising companies, has uncovered some surprisingly sinister statistics about the dirt and germs lurking in your company lavatory. They’ve compiled these foul facts into an informative infographic that will make you think twice before your next bathroom break. Continue Reading This Content »

IFA Concerned About Sluggish Job Creation

When the Labor Department issued the June jobs report showing shockingly slow economic recovery, the IFA immediately voiced concern that we’re simply not creating jobs fast enough. The numbers were incredibly disappointing, with nearly 13.9 million Americans unemployed, more than six million out of work for more than six months, and the smallest jobs gain in almost a year. In an effort to boost our business community, the IFA FranBlog suggested the following ways for the franchise industry to create jobs at a more rapid rate.

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The Bright Future Of Franchising

Steve Caldeira recently celebrated his first anniversary as as president and CEO of the 51-year-old International Franchise Association (IFA.) In a recent interview with Blue MauMau, Mr. Caldeira discussed the exciting future of franchising and addressed the main challenges that the industry is likely to face over the next decade and what can be done to overcome these hurdles.

Mr. Caldeira emphasized that franchising has a very promising future, but admitted that that current circumstances are making growth difficult.

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Top 10 Fast Food Franchise Finds

The best franchise deals are often a combination of a unique concept that appeals to consumers, recent growth despite a sluggish economy, dedicated franchisee support, and a nearly 2 to 1 sales-to-investment ratio. has compiled a list of ten of the most tempting franchise finds deals that are currently piquing entrepreneurial interest.

1. Wingstop – The franchise has enjoyed seven consecutive years of same-store sales growth, along with a steady stream capital since being purchased by Roark Capital Group.

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