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McDonald’s Latest Healthy Move Is Good For Business

McDonald’s upcoming plan to make its classic Happy Meal healthier is a decision that will benefit children’s needs, as well as their business goals. revealed why this marketing strategy is a healthy move.

"This is good publicity, and if you sell more Happy Meals, you're likely selling more Big Macs to the parents," says Peter Saleh, a restaurant analyst with Telsey Advisory Group in New York.

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Tasti D-Lite Talks About Leveraging Loyalty On Foursquare

Tasti D-Lite became a social industry pioneer when the frozen dessert company developed the first loyalty platform to include an integration with Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare in 2010. Today, Tasti D-Lite’s vice president of technology BJ Emerson is focused on mining opportunities to connect the virtual experience with the physical one through location-based services such as Foursquare. recently interviewed Mr. Emerson and discovered his four strategies for using Foursquare to foster customer loyalty and love.

1. Immerse Your Company In Online Communities – The best way to understand social media is to be a part of it. Make sure that your business is actively engaging in every digital arena so you can take advantage of every opportunity.

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Christina Aguilera And YUM Brands Join Forces To Fight Hunger

As a spokeswoman for YUM Brands’ World Hunger Relief program, vocalist Christina Anguilera recorded a new video featuring a lullaby emphasizing the need to care for those without enough to eat. reported on this inspired collaboration to help the fight against world hunger.

YUM Brands is one of the world’s largest restaurant operators with thousands of KFC, Taco Bell and Pizza Hut restaurants worldwide. The company began a philanthropic partnership with Ms. Aguilera in 2009, which has helped raise more than $50 million for the United Nations World Food Programme. Along with the video, the singer will promote the hunger campaign by appearing in ads for KFC, Taco Bell and Pizza Hut.

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The Value Of Young Franchisees

While some say that experience is everything, the franchise industry is discovering that young franchisees offer unique and useful skill sets that can help them surpass their seasoned colleagues. listed the following traits that give the young a competitive edge.

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Reasons For The Rise Of Western Fast Food Brands In China

While fast food is hardly considered health food in the Western world, the Chinese trust that Western fast food brands offer healthier and safer choices than their own uncertain food supply and that these foreign brands won't cut corners in the production process. These beliefs have contributed to the enormous popularity of Western brands like Kentucky Fried Chicken throughout China, and uncovered how the country’s concern for food safety is driving them straight to Western drive-thrus.

The topic of product safely is a primary concern of the Chinese as they witness a growing number of food companies being temporarily or permanently shut down by the government for lack of quality control. As a result, more and more Chinese food producers are being accused of dishonest or unsavory food production practices. These claims, regardless of their validity, can devastate a company’s business and ruin their good names

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Marco’s Pizza Dishes Out Personal-Guarantee Insurance To Franchisees

In an effort to help potential franchisees get started despite deficient financing, the Ohio-based pizza chain is offering personal-guarantee insurance (PGI) that would cover up to 70 percent of the borrower’s liability for franchisee candidates. recently reported on the company’s program that would help secure more bank loans and expedite the overall process to help new franchisees get a piece of the pie.

“We think this can be an absolute game-changer in finance, helping all kinds of small businesses, especially restaurants,” said Marco’s chief financial officer Ken Switzer.

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Snap Fitness Contest Offers Prize Of Business Franchise

Snap Fitness is sponsoring a summer contest to win one of their gym franchises, a prize valued at $250,000. CNN Money reported on how the innovative offering was designed to be as much a business promotion as a big prize.

"This is a way for me to reach out and help someone," said Peter Taunton, the owner of the multimillion-dollar Snap Fitness franchise. He explained that this “Partner Peter Contest” was a way to provide a unique business opportunity to someone who would represent the brand well. It is also a creative way to promote his business, which many franchisors now have to do in the face of today’s challenging credit situation and uncertain economic environment.

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How Franchises Can Handle The Debt Crisis

Today’s debt crisis looms large for franchises since it heightens the uncertainty of the nation’s current dismal lending abilities. recently reported on how franchises are surviving and thriving during this economic emergency.

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Goddard Is Growing As Nursery School Franchise

The Goddard School nursery school chain is experiencing rapid growth with 372 branches in 34 states and plans to open its first of 10 schools in New York City this fall. Crain’s New York reported on how this newcomer to New York is meeting the city’s soaring demand for childhood care.

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McDonald’s Consults Mom Bloggers For Menu Makeover

When McDonald’s was making changes to its iconic Happy Meals, the company turned to mom bloggers for advice and assistance. recently reported on why the franchise believes that mom bloggers know best and why blogs are invaluable to their marketing efforts.

"Mom bloggers are very networked and very linked-in," Rick Wion, director of social media for McDonald's, told me. "They spread information very, very quickly.

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