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Franchises Are Growing In Area Despite Economy

Challenging the notion that restaurant franchises are struggling in the economy, the city of Gainesville, Florida has seen its area franchises going strong with numerous new openings and fewer closures than their independent rivals. The Gainesville Sun reported on how the city is enjoying such franchise fortune.

Gainesville has always has been a strong market for restaurant franchises. The city is one of the top markets in the country for Subway, and one franchisee’s Burger King locations have averaged $500,000 more in sales than the company's national average. In addition, one of the city’s Domino's Pizza locations had the highest volume of any Domino's in the country in the 1990s, and Gator Domino's collectively remains one of the top three franchises in the entire company.

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Infographic: How Local Search Stacks Up Today

As local search explodes and evolves at a stunning speed, marketers are racing to leverage the local landscape and tap into its virtually boundless business opportunities. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to determine where consumers are going and how businesses are growing in this overwhelming online arena. To give you a lay of the land in local search, MDG Advertising created this interesting infographic that displays the attitudes, approaches and actions generating local search results.

Infographic: Local Search Evolved by MDG Advertising

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Restaurants, Changes And The Economy

With the steady decline in restaurant traffic, 10 major restaurant chains have announced plans to freshen up their marketing by reviewing their advertising agencies. reported on how restaurants are looking to spice up their franchise marketing efforts to deal with today’s dining challenges.

In the past, restaurants weathered recessions by cutting prices to bring in traffic while sacrificing sales and profits. This time around, eateries are seeking new ways to increase sales by focusing on updating their marketing messages in ways that will attract new diners while retaining current ones.

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Fast-Casual Burger Joints Snag A Seat At The Table

While McDonald’s, Burger King and Wendy’s are the undeniable leaders of the hamburger franchise category, these three major chains have been concentrating more on expanding their menus than promoting their signature burgers. As a result, smaller limited-service chains that focus on burgers are capitalizing on this oversight and jumping in to serve the huge market of burger lovers. provided details on how these smaller burger chains are now driving the growth of the hamburger category.

According to Technomic data, the overall U.S. hamburger segment rose 1.6% in 2010, yet it was the limited-service burger joints that grew sales by 16.4% and served as a primary driver of growth in the mature burger category.

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The Art Of Branding

Quick-service restaurants are always looking for the new and the novel to bring in customers, which has led chains to start tapping into the trend of local art. reported on this inspired stroke of franchise marketing.

The South Carolina hamburger chain, Rush’s, decided to pay tribute to its history by commissioning artist Randall McKissick to create a five-foot-by-five-foot painting of the company’s original location as it looked in the beginning. The nostalgic painting depicts a waitress serving a burger and fries to customers enjoying milkshakes and ice cream.

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Infographic: Where Is Inbound Marketing Headed?

Today, inbound marketing knows no bounds and a growing number of franchises are realizing the enormous value of this marketing strategy based on being found by customers. To understand why marketers are quickly moving into the thriving online arena, MDG Advertising developed this compelling infographic that shows how inbound marketing is rapidly increasing lead generation, vastly improving conversion rates and effectively delivering cost-effective solutions for franchises of every size and scope.

Where Is Inbound Marketing Headed?

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Pinkberry’s Principles For Social

Frozen yogurt franchise Pinkberry has achieved a loyal customer fan base by implementing a solid social media strategy based on the three elements of being extremely customer-focused, understanding the best ways to use different digital channels and taking calculated risks. recently examined Pinkberry’s “social trifecta” to provide insight on their successful approach to social media for franchises.

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Take To Twitter To Find New Investors

A growing number of small businesses are turning to Twitter as a way to attract new investors. The Wall Street Journal reported on how this social media service has become a powerful way to bring in backers.

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Is Social Media Effective? “The ROI Social Media” Infographic

Social media has become a marketing must for franchises with brands eager to invest their funds and their faith in these online opportunities. But with no universal metrics to convey its ROI, the value of social media marketing is calculated based on many different goals and metrics. This insightful infographic, created by MDG Advertising, outlines the dynamics determining the rewards and revenue of social media, illustrates how social media buzz can translate into business benefits and defines factors that affect social media marketing success.

Infographic: The ROI of Social Media

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Domino’s Pizza Delivers Transparency With Times Square Reviews

America’s largest pizza delivery chain is taking its recent self-improvement efforts to new heights by displaying honest customer reviews on a Times Square digital billboard. Fast Company reported on exactly what Domino’s has cooked up with this social media strategy.

The pizza franchise is using its Domino’s Pizza Tracker app to let customers share their feedback with the crowds gathered in Times Square, as well as with the world through a Web video feed. The Times Square ad is scheduled to run for two hours and 54 minutes each day and feature about 700 comments at a rate of four each minute.

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