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How Krispy Kreme Is Embracing Hands-Off Approach

Krispy Kreme has taken an innovative approach to its marketing by seriously cutting its advertising in favor of fan-driven social media. reported on how the company is hoping for the word-of-mouth marketing it craves by leaving consumers in control of the brand image.

This is a completely new marketing direction for Krispy Kreme, which had previously been so protective of the brand that their legal department frequently sent out cease-and-desist letters at the most minor brand mention. Now under the leadership of chief marketing officer, Dwayne Chambers, Krispy Kreme is no longer interfering with the brand’s development, but rather allowing it to evolve and endure at the fans’ discretion and direction.  

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Share of The Mobile Pie

                                          Pizza Hut CIO Baron Concors

Pizza Hut was one of the first franchises to recognize the power of mobile communications in reaching customers. From launching its first mobile website in 2007, to getting involved with social media in 2008, to recently debuting apps for the iPad and Android, reported on how the global pizza franchise continues to leverage mobile technology to gain a bigger piece of the pie.

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CMOs – How Would You Change The Upfront?

Buying in the upfront is far from over, despite predictions to the contrary by some in the advertising industry. In fact, most marketers agree that the upfront still offers both quality and value, yet they would like to see improvements made to the process. At the recent CMO Roundtable at the Association of National Advertisers' Masters of Marketing conference, asked chief marketers for ideas on fixing up the update.

“I'd love to see something like a more conceptual upfront in February and then do the buying much later in the summer,” said Tony Pace, CMO of the Subway Franchisee Advertising Fund Trust.We as a brand would like to be in places that are appropriate for us, and where the community embraces us. You have to have those conversations earlier."

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Monical’s Pizza Sees The Power Of The Personal In Social Media

At Monical’s Pizza, they consider their social media presence to be a virtual extension of the restaurant experience. As a result, the company works hard to use social media to serve and satisfy its customers’ needs. recently spoke with a Monical’s executive who offered insight on how their social strategy is delivering real results.

“When they come to our Facebook page, it’s like they’re coming to our restaurant,” said Lisa Chidichimo, head of marketing technology at Monical’s Pizza. “We treat them with the same gracious hospitality we would in the restaurant.” The company has 71,000 Facebook fans and 2,000 Twitter followers, and it always responds to each of those who asks a question or mentions their brand.

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Wendy's CEO Emil Brolick Has Big Plans To Flip Its Ranking

Wendy’s wants to be back on top and has grand plans to redefine the franchise as an industry innovator. USA TODAY recently interviewed Wendy’s CEO, Emil Brolick, and discovered his strategies for bringing the burger franchise back into a prime position.

“Wendy's has always held a position I'll call ‘a cut above,’” said Mr. Brolick. “That's the natural position for this brand. That's the position we'll return to.”

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10 Ways To Handle A Social Media Blunder

With social media being used by more and more businesses, it’s only natural for companies to commit the occasional blunder. What’s most important is knowing the right way to handle the cyber crisis. In the event of a social media meltdown, turned to Josh Morgan, vice president of Edelman Digital, and Lori Bertelli, public relations manager of Augustine Ideas, who offered the following 10 steps to help diminish the damage.

1. Think Before You Speak –  Consider how your blunder affects your entire audience, since not everyone will have the same reaction as your company may.

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Is A Franchise Business In Your Future?

Franchise businesses offer numerous benefits over sole start-ups, most notably the advantage of buying into a company with an established reputation and a solid customer base. But it’s important to first determine whether the franchise model fits your needs, your goals, and your lifestyle. The Palm Beach Post recently offered insight on determining whether these entrepreneurial opportunities are the right fit for your future.

"I bought into it knowing entirely from day one, I had potential customers," said Dick Shon, who retired to Boca Raton after running six Midas Muffler shops in the Milwaukee area for more than 30 years. He added that if he had opened an independent muffler shop, he would have been an unknown struggling among a crowd of recognized auto repair shops. He listed the positives of a franchise as having someone to go to for franchise advertising, promotions and business operational support, while the negatives were that it can initially cost more than an unaffiliated business and the loss to some degree of independence.

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McDonald’s to Launch In-Store Channel

McDonald’s plans to launch a digital television network of exclusive content geared to appeal to dine-in customers. The Los Angeles Times reported on how the global fast-food franchise will use the new McDonald's Channel to engage, entertain, and enhance the customer experience.

With so much media vying to capture audience attention, McDonald’s is making this bold marketing move in an effort to connect with customers in a format free from clutter and competition. By acting as both studio and network, the brand is able to tell its own story to a captive audience that is hungry for constant entertainment. Programming will be customized to specific communities to appeal to their interests, ranging from local news, to announcements about upcoming television shows and movies.

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Domino’s ‘Brutally Honest’ Ads Offset Slow Consumer Spending

Despite decreased consumer spending due to the volatile economy, fast-food franchises keep gaining business. reported on how Domino’s is one of the companies experiencing higher sales, in part to their extremely honest advertising campaign that positions the brand as authentic, accountable and worthy of consumers’ trust.

When the chain’s sales and stock plummeted in late 2008, the company launched a very unconventional marketing strategy. Their ads acknowledged that some consumers disliked their pizza, then declared the company’s commitment to improving their recipes and even offered a money-back guarantee. Domino’s used the latest social media and e-commerce to promote this new message and engage consumers. They encouraged consumers to voice their opinions and post pictures of their disappointing pizza experiences. In the ultimate gesture of humility, Domino’s even posted both positive and negative customer feedback on a 125-foot electronic billboard in New York’s Times Square.

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Looking To The Sun For Savings

The numerous benefits of solar energy are making it increasingly attractive to businesses looking to save both money and the environment. The Palm Beach Post reported on how a variety of industries have turned to the sun as a more energy-efficient power source.

"We are trying to look for ways to cut costs so we can bring a better value proposition to our customers,” said Chuck Schumacher, president of the West Palm Beach-based Schumacher Automotive Group, which installed a 33-kilowatt, 144-panel solar energy system on its service department building in an effort to lower its electric bill. “Cutting our power is certainly one of those areas."

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