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5 Best Franchise Businesses To Get in For 2012

While the economy remains uncertain, some franchise industries are expected to see substantial growth in 2012. listed the following five industries as the ones with the greatest growth potential.

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Search Tops Social For Finding Local Business Information

A new survey from the Pew Internet & American Life Foundation revealed that search engines and the Internet are the principal sources used to find local business information. The survey also showed that a substantial number of people still rely on conventional newspapers for this information, while an extremely small amount use social media for these purposes. SearchEngineLand .com reported on these fascinating findings.

This recent survey consisted of a telephone poll of 1,000 U.S. adults in January 2011.

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Infographic: How Social Media Changed The Ad Game

While social media has been a game-changer for virtually every industry, advertising has been turned upside-down by new tactics, techniques and trends designed to target audiences on the Web. As consumers devote more time online, brands are devoting more money as they look to leverage popular platforms to promote their products and image. With this shift toward social media comes a brand-new approach to franchise marketing that makes engagement a priority and monitoring a necessity. It also calls for new modes of metrics to define its degree of success. In the spirit of this new-found mindset comes a fresh infographic from MDG Advertising that shows how social media is changing the world, and how marketers and brands are keeping up.

How Social Media Changed The Ad Game - Infographic by MDG Advertising

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Franchising Trends to Look for in 2012

While challenging credit conditions put a damper on franchise growth this year, the International Franchise Association (IFA) has been extremely proactive about developing initiatives to stimulate expansion and job creation. To give future franchisees a look at what’s ahead for the industry, listed the top trends to expect in 2012.

1. Timely Versions of the Traditional – Conventional franchise options are being updated to reflect current needs, such as new female-friendly auto repair shops and more male-focused hair salons.

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The Future Of Email Marketing

As you’re looking ahead in 2012, now is the time to begin focusing on your upcoming email marketing strategies. To help get you stated, offered six helpful tips for getting the most from your email marketing in the coming year.

1. Reveal Your Personality – The popularity of online interaction has led franchise brands to come across as more relaxed and genuine, rather than stiff and corporate. Consumers favor this approach, so focus on expressing your brand’s true voice in your email and social media messages by featuring content from employees, comments from customers and other elements that reveal your company’s character to help customers relate and respond to your brand better.

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Franchise Marketing – Franchise Businesses Show Signs Of Recovery In 2012 After Years Of Restrained Growth

The Franchise Business Economic Outlook: 2012 forecasts modest growth in the number of establishments, employment, output and contributions to U.S. gross domestic product (GDP). This promising prediction comes from a recent report by IHS Global Insight for the International Franchise Association (IFA) Educational Foundation. The IFA recently detailed these encouraging findings which are renewing confidence that the franchise industry is finally ready to thrive again.

IFA president & CEO, Stephen J. Caldeira, is pleased that the industry is once again poised to prosper, but said, “The rate of growth is far below the growth trends we experienced before the recession. Pro-growth policies out of Washington, D.C. to provide certainty to the franchise industry, such as comprehensive tax reform that lowers the corporate and individual tax rates, as well as increasing the flow of credit to small businesses by the lending community, will help to get us on a more aggressive path of growth and job creation."

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The Most Important Element Of Your Employee Handbook

Most franchise employee handbooks cover the gamut from rules to routines, but often omit the critical category of marketing. To ensure that every member of your team represents your company in a distinct and desirable way, compiled a useful list of what must be included in your marketing training.

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Tasti D-Lite Growth Strategy Focuses on Innovation

The healthier frozen dessert, Tasti D-Lite, has experienced phenomenal growth in 2011, rapidly expanding to a total of 104 locations worldwide. That growth is the result of extraordinary innovation in every aspect of its business. recently reported on how the franchise is creating and supporting these growth initiatives to achieve such sweet success.

“This year we’ve experienced the greatest growth in the history of our 24-year old brand,” says Tasti D-Lite CEO Jim Amos. “We’ve achieved this not only through hard work, but by innovating in literally every area of our business. I’m excited about how we’ve evolved our concept and formats, store design, product offering, marketing, and social media programs, and even our management team this past year.”

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Franchise Marketing – What To Do With Google+

The buzz on Google+ is that’s it the new social network designed to benefit brands, but many companies are still trying to figure out to launch their presence and the Pages. reported on why franchises should establish their claim and their name on the search giant’s social network.

According a recent BrightEdge study, 61 percent of the top 100 brands in the world launched a Google+ Page within the first week of the network’s early November launch. These leading brands have jumped onto Google+ must faster than they did with Facebook, which indicates that businesses deem it to be a worthwhile online opportunity.

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Why Yum Brands Fights Hunger

As one of the world’s largest restaurant operators, YUM Brands has been committed to fighting global hunger through its World Hunger Relief program. AdAge recently reported on how the franchise has become a charitable standout by raising awareness, resources and volunteerism for the United Nations World Food Programme and other hunger relief philanthropies.

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