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Franchise Industry Finds Support From Within

A franchise business comes with issues that other businesses don’t encounter, but it also comes with the support of an entire network of entrepreneurs that other businesses aren’t fortunate enough to enjoy. This sense of franchise fellowship is a valuable resource that franchisers are encouraging franchisees to depend on and draw upon, according to a recent article in The Wall Street Journal.

For franchisees, it’s an opportunity to lean on and learn from business owners just like them. They can benefit by sharing franchise marketing strategies with their peers who sell similar products and services, deal with the same customers and vendors, and face similar competitors. For franchisers, it’s a chance to build bonds between owners in order to strengthen their brands and create a sense of unity.

Given the many benefits, franchisers are encouraging their franchisees to support each other. Some are bringing in veteran owners to help newcomers, others are holding conventions and conference calls, and a few are creating mentoring programs. The hope is that these efforts will develop better communication among franchisees which will allow them to share ideas for improving their business.

When a Kitchen Tune-Up franchisee wanted to earn more money from his kitchen remodeling business, he turned to one of the company’s veteran franchisees, Tom Dunlap, for ways to improve his bottom line. The franchisees got together and Mr. Dunlap suggested some strategies regarding pricing and work efficiency, which greatly helped his fellow franchisee’s business. Mr. Dunlap receives several calls each week for advice, which he welcomes as a way to grow the system and ultimately grow everyone’s business.

At some companies, experienced franchisees hold monthly conference calls with newer franchisees to discuss a range of issues. That concept is taken a step further with Internet message boards which are used as a forum for franchisees to interact.

Mentoring is also popular with franchises, such as when Great Clips expanded into the Northeast and dispatched veterans to help the new franchisees. Likewise, if a franchisee gets in trouble, the company sends out employees to help remedy the situation.

For many franchisees that rarely communicate with each other, a newfound sense of company camaraderie is a welcome change that benefits everyone involved at every level. It also gives a whole new meaning to taking care of business.

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