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Domino’s Delivers Honest Advertising

When Domino’s asked for honest feedback about its pizzas, some of the comments were less than complementary. This led the pizza franchise to completely revamp its products and inspired an ad campaign that promoted the changes, reports While this was a very risky move, it has literally paid off by generating one of the brand’s strongest fiscal years in history.

Some of the negative feedback was actually included in the “Oh Yes We Did” ad campaign. The company received these honest opinions through a variety of channels, most notable social media. Including these frank comments in the campaign made it appear like Domino’s was apologizing for disappointing the customer.

“We were a bit vulnerable to go out there and be very open about the negative feedback,” said Chris Brandon, spokesperson for Domino’s. “But we felt our fans deserved to be talked to. We’ll take honesty over risk.”

Well, the risk was worth it because Domino’s sales have been outstanding, and its public perception has been, too.

“After a brand is 20 to 30 years old, if it suffers from negative customer feedback, the only thing you can do is admit it and show the public what you plan to do about it,” said Rhonda Sanderson, president of Chicago-based PR firm Sanderson & Associates.

This kind of transparency is also being adopted by other brands. In 2008, Starbucks closed 600 stores after admitting to overzealous expansion. Church’s Chicken just apologized to the city of Nashville for not providing proper hospitality and closed 23 city locations for a weekend so its employees could complete a customer service bootcamp. When Taco Bell was sued over the authenticity of its meat, the franchise fought back on social media and elsewhere before creating its “Talk” campaign which has greatly improved customer perception.

Social media seems to be playing a large role as more and more customers voice their complaints online. This can ignite a viral tailspin, but also prompts better company response.

“It’s a sign of the times. Because of social media and ongoing, pervasive news, everyone has to uber-defend themselves about everything and come out in front of it,” said Ms. Sanderson. “They’re not taking it lightly and they’re showing everyone that they have nothing to hide or they wouldn’t be doing what they’re doing.”

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