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Business Roundtables Round Out IFA Convention

MDG Advertising, and Greenbaum Marketing Communications, led the marketing and PR roundtable, Maximizing Conversion and ROI of Your Franchise Development Website.

Last month, the franchise industry gathered in Las Vegas for the International Franchise Association (IFA) 51st Annual Convention. Highlights of the event included nationally acclaimed speakers, Mitt Romney and Steve Forbes, as well as numerous discussion panels that provided valuable insight into issues facing franchising.

Informative business solution roundtables offered direct and actionable information on streamlining operations, enhancing the brand, and improving profitability. The purpose of these roundtables was to spark innovative ideas and provide solid takeaways in areas such as franchise sales, operations, marketing & public relations, finance and legal. They also presented a forum for franchise industry peers to discuss practical tips and business solutions for overcoming economic challenges during recessionary times.

Charlie Ellis, SEO strategist at MDG Advertising, and Martin Greenbaum, president of Greenbaum Marketing Communications, led the marketing and PR roundtable, Maximizing Conversion and ROI of Your Franchise Development Website.

This digital marketing session focused on the following questions:

•  What would you do to minimize bounce rates?

•  What can you do to maximize your organic search potential?

•  What importance does brand positioning have in relation to franchise-development websites?

•  What are some of the on-site best practices that can lead to immediate improvement of your conversion rates?

•  How do you effectively drive site visitors into a virtual brochure and how does that help you increase conversion?

•  Implementing Google Analytics on your website and optimizing it to improve and track ROI

Franchisors already realize the value of establishing and maintaining an online presence, and this enlightening discussion helped them discover ways to make their Internet efforts more profitable, powerful, and competitive. Combining the extensive knowledge of a digital marketing expert and the insight of a franchise marketing executive, Maximizing Conversion and ROI of Your Franchise Development Website provided attendees with tangible takeaways from the leading edge of CRO (conversion rate optimization), ORM (online reputation management), and web analytics.

“The discussion enabled everyone to benefit from collective experience,” said Charlie Ellis, MDG’s SEO strategist. “It was really humbling to sit with so many executives within the industry. The challenges they face certainly inspired me to test innovative tactics to increase the profitability of search and social marketing initiatives.”

With over 40 roundtables available each day of the conference, it was impossible to attend all of them, but some of the most valuable sessions MDG attended were:

•  Integrating PR, Advertising, and Marketing to Drive Qualified Leads

•  Protecting your Online Reputation

•  Social Media: How to use it for Franchise Lead generation

•  Are you using a Multi-Channel Marketing Strategy?

•  Key Metrics in Managing Your Business

•  Using Social Media in Your Franchise System

•  Customer Relationship Marketing

•  Who’s Afraid of Social Media Marketing?

•  Managing Content and Your Brand with the Latest Technology

•  Using Social Media to Fuel Franchise Sales

It was a remarkable opportunity to spend some time with innovative minds in the franchise industry. The IFA has evolved from a close-knit community of like-minded entrepreneurs into a forum for progressive thinkers focused on expanding franchise development operations in the new age of American small business. If you’re determined to master the art of franchise marketing in the digital era, the IFA annual convention is absolutely for you. The conference is truly unparalleled within the industry.

Charlie Ellis is the SEO strategist at MDG Advertising.  MDG Advertising is a full-service South Florida advertising agency, with offices in Florida and New York, that specializes in developing targeted franchise marketing solutions, exceptional online executions, and solid branding and media buying strategies that give franchises a real competitive advantage. MDG Advertising handles creative, media, and interactive marketing for Coverall, one of the world’s leading commercial-cleaning franchising companies, with a global network of more than 90 support centers and 9,000 franchisees.

Our core capabilities include advertising, branding, creative, digital marketing, media planning and buying, public relations, Web design and development, email marketing, social media marketing and SEO.  To view MDG’s portfolio, click here. For more information, email MDG, call 561-338-7797 or log on to

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