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2011’s 11 Restaurant Trends

The restaurant marketing firm Zen Mango recently compiled a list of 11 restaurant trends that will impact the way that diners view and experience the restaurant scene in 2011. featured the findings to show the new direction of dining out.

1. Eating Out Less – The study revealed that 44 percent of restaurant consumers report eating out less frequently.

2. Grocery Stores Become Competition – There’s a 36 percent increase in the number of consumers purchasing prepared food from supermarkets rather than going to restaurants.

3. Consumers Are In Control – 90 percent of diners believe that the abundance of restaurants vying for their patronage put them in charge of their dining decisions.

4. Deals Are Everywhere – About 80 percent of consumers believe that the amount of dining discounts have stayed the same or increased.

5. Pricing Is Now A Priority – With more and more restaurants offering specials and deals, 47 percent of consumers say that pricing influences their dining decisions.

6. Less Food For The Money – 33 percent of consumers believe they are receiving a reduced amount of food when they dine out.

7. Longer Waits – 21 percent of consumers perceive that restaurant wait times have increased, perhaps due to their need to lower labor costs.

8. Quality Is Key – For 38 percent of consumers, the quality of the food is the most important factor in deciding where to dine.

9. Atmosphere Also Matters – The restaurant’s ambiance has grown in importance and actually influences the dining decision for 25 percent of consumers.

10. “Green” Is Good – The emerging trend of environmental responsibility determines the restaurant choice for 14 percent of diners.

11. Low Calorie Expected To Last  – 54 percent of diners perceive that restaurants are offering more healthy options and that almost half of eateries are providing nutritional information.

These 11 restaurant trends are expected to drive the restaurant industry in the coming year and have a real impact on how dining out plays out.

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